College life is the best one, sometimes.

No, as a normal human, i don’t miss any assignment, presentation, project, or even nagging deadline (what makes me really want to die at that time) when i was in college. however, as a normal human too, sometimes i miss those stuffs in certain moment hehe..

I swear, the atmosphere and situation when in college are what i really missing right now.. i don’t know why, i just miss when i always had a busy day, and tried to make my day as busy as i could (sok sibuk), almost everyday. Then, i don’t focus or think too hard about my suck minds and much problems right now and just let it flow for everything because of the busy day. THIS is what i really miss and suddenly want to go back to the college life :(

As many people said that if we are growing up, problems, ups and downs life, and challenges will increase 100000000% and surprise our life. and yes, thanks for that argument, i’m in the middle of that phase. At the moment, too much problems i got, from myself, family, about my fight future, what else? love perhaps? hahaha pret.

is this what people said officially unemployed? nothing to think, nothing to worry, nothing to do something busy? and then if problem comes, we really (like die) think too hard about it? because there is no something to say like “these things are more important to be done or to hardly think about instead of the problem”. to be honest, i’m not really unemployed because currently i just have some projects with my friend. however, i can say this project is not really busy as busy when i was in college. should add more projects then i become the busiest person in towwwwnnnn? hahahahha

absolutely, i can’t tell my detail problems here, but the highlight of my problems is i just miss my daily life when i was in college. only that, as simple as that. i miss when i was too far from my town, only had a problem about assignment, with friend sometimes, lecturer, or other stuffs which relevant with uni. but the problem just flow and i don’t really think about how to solve it, and i don’t know why those problems solved by itself. magic, isn’t it? hope my problems right now can also solved by itself like in the past..

well, i have no words to say anymore.


Mardiah Purnama

yang lagi rindu jaman2 sibuk2nya ngampus:(

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